Grace Kavochi McBride

Grace Kavochi McBride


Grace Kavochi McBride was born and raised in Kenya. She has lived in The United States of America for four decades. 

Grace uses her teaching experience and methodology to mentor and teach both rural school girls and women basic highly needed literacy skills in hygiene and sanitation as well as literacy in finance for sustainability. She uses the non-traditional methods of table banking and merry-go-round and later helps them transition into formal banking networks.

As an advocate for good drinking water within reach for each family, Grace argues that this will remove the burden of girls and women having to walk long distances to fetch water. The goal is for each family to have a borehole in the home.

Her greatest achievement is through the individualized mentorship approach model. Grace is capable of learning each family’s needs and the underlying causes of the situation and strategically planning how to approach the problem. Projects accomplished through her own personal donation can be used as a demonstration for future projects for financial initiatives.

Grace is continuing to work on her personal goal of writing and becoming a published Children’s author. She aspires to publish in the children’s fiction genre with a focus on traditional African folklore genres. 

Grace is passionate about the following;

  • Language and linguistics
  • Reading
  • Creative writing with an interest in Children’s fiction
  • Collect Children’s literature from around the world with a focus on traditional folklore which includes folktales.
  • Genealogies and cultural history
  • Photography: Conceptual portrait
  • Indoor gardening: House plants


  • Curriculum design
  • Lesson design and developmentally appropriate instruction
  • Differentiated instruction in lesson design. Reading Methodology, comprehension, and assessments
  • The writing processes, instruction, and methodologies.
  • Evaluation and assessments.