Our Story

An inclusion Consultancy Strategist who creates content and lesson plans for Discovering Africa. Our model Curriculum prompts the audience to realize that equity, diversity and inclusion are possible. Our curriculum is designed for primary and high school students, and Teachers. 

Fit- Me-In is about fitting Us into your curriculum.

Our online curriculum offers authentic units of study focusing on Africa. These units are thematically called, Africa in the classroom. Our lesson plans are diverse, inclusive, relevant and corresponds to any system’s common core standards and guidelines.

Our Vision

We are the first to spearhead a conversation with educators and learners about the value of a genuine inclusive curriculum that recognizes the history and contributions of diverse communities.

We want teachers to be inspired and use our ‘Africa in the classroom’ model to effectively create a learning environment that demonstrates inclusivity of other diverse communities in their daily planning of content and instruction.


To curate and deliver a model of an authentic social studies curriculum units in collaboration with International African School.  

To demonstrate that everyone benefits from an inclusive program when the participants for whom the program is intended are included in the planning and execution of the program. In this case, an inclusive curriculum.